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Our mission at Bosque Farms Elementary is to ensure success for all children, every day. This is our fundamental purpose that clarifies priorities and sharpens focus. Our vision is to be simply the best. This is our compelling future that gives direction. Currently, our learning community is finalizing our values. These are our collective commitments that guide behavior.

Administration and staff have developed a tentative set of values that are specific to each stakeholder groups: staff as a whole, administration, teachers, students, and families. We have received feedback from twenty-nine families, but want to get perspective from all families. Please click here to provide feedback on our learning community’s values this month.

•Meet the social and emotional needs of both staff and students on a daily basis.
•Use a clear and consistent approach to student behavior in response to expectations as outlined in our student-parent handbook.


•Support the well-being and learning of students, staff, and families in that order.
•Observe and provide descriptive, actionable feedback to all staff every two weeks.

•Use comprehensible learning targets with academic vocabulary that specifies tasks for all core lessons
•Use student work samples to collaboratively inform instructional next steps regularly

•Come to school every day ready to learn and practice the I-ROAR attributes.
•Read grade-level text every day (modified for students who take the alternative assessment).
•Write letters, words, sentences, or paragraphs as appropriate in one of the three writing types every day.
•Practice grade-level operational fluency and solve real-world math problems every day.

•Support student behavioral expectations and I-ROAR attributes.
•Ensure my child/children are in attendance 95% of the instructional year and are ready for learning (when student absences occur, missing work is completed outside of school)
•Read, write, and/or solve math problems with my child/children every day.

Thank you in advance!
Mrs. Herrera and Mr. Hulskamp
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