Physical Education

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Melissa Moore - Physical Education Teacher

Fitness Ideas



Roll two dice and add the numbers together.  The sum of the dice determines the exercise movement.

Roll a 2: 5 push-ups
Roll a 3: 15 sit-ups
Roll a 4: 15 squats
Roll a 5: 20 mountain climbers (10 each side)
Roll a 6: 10 burpees
Roll a 7: 25 jumps (with or without a rope)
Roll an 8: 20 lunges (20 each leg)
Roll a 9: 30 side jumps
Roll a 10: 20 plank shoulder touches
Roll an 11: 50 jumping jacks
Roll a 12: 30 high knees (15 each leg)

Group of 2: Each partner tosses a die in the air, then catches it.  Add the numbers facing up.

Group of 4: Two group members, each holding a die, stand facing the other two group members.  The two holding the dice toss them to the members who are not holding the dice.  Add the two numbers facing up.

Printable Roll For Fitness training


Each day in P.E. we review our Norms.
What are Norms you ask?

1. Respect yourself

  *Stay on your feet
  *Have fun and do your best
  *Wear athletic shoes

2. Respect others

  *Don’t interrupt others
  *Use good sportsmanship

3.   Respect this place
  *Don’t touch equipment without permission
  *Take care of our gym

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